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  1. Happy New Year!

    A belated Happy New Year to you all, we are over half way through the month already, the years have just been flying by, far to quickly for my liking. It's a new year, which means lots of new ideas for the coming months. This year, I want to develop and expand the ranges of items in bridal jewellery, to include bridesmaid jewellery sets in exciting colours and designs, that reflect the changing tastes of brides, who want to express their individual colour choices and style. 

     I'll  just share with you all, a couple of the new bridal combs that I have already made. I've said in the past, how much I love pearls and crystals, both of which are my favorite beads to work with, when making my jewellery pieces.

     Pear and Crystal Bridal comb

    1. This comb has white pearls and round crystal beads.

    Ivory Pearl Bridal Comb 
    2. Made with Ivory pearl beads, in 2 sizes.
    Pink Pearls and Crystal Bridal Comb 
    3. This is a pink pearls and crystal  beads spray bridal comb.

    Learning to make these bridal combs has been an enjoyable experience, I will be making some more combs, to add the collection. I've already started to make a tiara, I will be showing it on my blog, when it is completed.

    The combs and tiaras will be added to my shop, in the spring.

    If your getting married and still trying to decide what style or design of bridal jewellery to choose from, visit the bridal section of my shop, all my jewellery is handmade and can be personalised, in your chosen colours or in a particular design.

    More new jewellery pieces will be add to my shop very soon.


  2. lipgloss

     I don't normally blog about make up, but as you know I do like to blog about making things, so I thought I'd include this fun and easy to do project.  I prefer to lipglosses to lipsticks, but I've been tempted  occassionally to buying  lipsticks that I thought looked great in the store, but then don't quite look the same, once I got them home.

    I think the lighting in department stores are awful. The amout of times over the years, I have spent £12 on a lipstick, only to get it home, try it on and then thought, it looked much better in the store. Instead of just leaving those lipsticks to gather dust, I thought I'd turn them into lipglosses.

    My first lipstick to lipgloss transformation, is a lipstick from Mac which I bough last winter, I think I wore it several times, I did not like how it looked on me, then just forgot about it.

    All you need to make your own lipgloss is the following:

    Lipstick of choice

    Petroleum Jelly (Vasaline)


    Small round container



    picture Shot of Vasaline

    Get your small container, mine is a free sample container I got from the Mac counter. Cut off a piece of the lipstick and then add a tablespoon of the Vasaline. Add these to the small container and pop it into the microwave  for about 30 seconds.

    Remove and stir till both lipstick and Vasaline have been mixed to a smooth consistency. If you want your lipstick to have a stronger colour, add some more of the lipstick, if you want it to have a hint of colour, add some more Vasaline.


    Pop the container into the fridge overnight, and then the next morning, you will have your very own homemade  moisterising lipgloss. I've got a few more lipsticks to convert into lipglosses, which I'll be doing in the next few days, I'll have my own little stash ready for the summer.

    I find wearing lipsticks a bit heavy to wear when the weather is warm, so lipglosses are a welcome alternative.


    Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends.


  3. Well I finally finished my website and I published it.  I'm soo glad, it has been a labour of love and it was worth it. Got to say near the end, I was tweaking like crazy,  I lost count the amount of times I changed the colour of  the banner, then I was not sure of the font, this went on for 2 whole days! Then I thought, stop it, this was getting rediculus, so I just publish it.

    I pressed the button and launched it on so on Thursday 26th April 2012 . I must confess I did do a teeny tiny bit more tweaking, what, don't shake your head like that, I can't help myself, call me a perfectionist, there is nothing wrong in wanting things to be perfect. I always think, if you going to do something, do it 100% and not 95%!

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