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  1. I've always want to make a cross weave bracelet and I like to read beading magazines in my spare time, which is not very often. They always have jewellery designs that you can try and make yourself and some of the designs are truly amazing. I'm always looking for my next project to work on, at the moment,  I'm fascinated by bead weaving, if your not sure about what beadweaving is, it's creating jewellery, using small seed beads, small beads, thread or nylon cord.

     bead weaving image

    I'm hoping to go to a beadclub in my local area, not far from where I live, after the Easter break. In the mean time I thought I'd try a to make a bracelet, using seed beads and pearls, I'm not ready for the tiny seed beads projects like the ones above yet. I followered a tutorial I found on the internet and took my time to follow it.

    Here is the result

    cross weave image 

    cross weave close up

    cross weave close up

    It's made with pale blue 6 mm glass pearl beads, clear seed beads, which you can see in between the pearls and on the ends. A clear illusion cord was used for the weaving. It took me roughly about an hour to make, it was a bit fiddly to get the hang of the pattern, sequence and tiny beads at first, but ok afterwards. I really enjoyed beadweaving this bracelet, I think I must of held my breath while making, because I was concentrating soo much.

    I am hoping to make something else soon, maybe a pair of earrings, you'll have to wait and see.

    What new projects have you started recently and did it turn out how you thought it would?  


  2. Last summer I bought some tiara bands and bridal combs, with the intention of making tiaras and bridal combs for my online shop. In the end I decided to delay in making them till the spring, so they were put them away, I was already busy at the time, making a new range of bridesmaid jewellery sets. Then I was designing and creating jewellery for the Christmas season, which can be manic, but fun.


    After Christmas came and went, I got my tiara bands and combs back out and thought about what colours and designs I wanted to make. I ordered some new bead supplies and got to work. I made three bridal combs, which you can see in my previous blog and I started on the tiara.  Did I want to go simple and elegant or dramatic and colourful for the tiara, well as this was my first tiara creation, I went for the former.


    I used 6 mm white glass pearls and  clear crystal bicone beads. I threaded on each bead and attached them to the band, using wire wrapping techniques and using 2 feet of 0.4mm silver plated wire, in stages.

    making tiara

    I've just finished adding the bead stalks.

    making a tiara

    Once the stalks had been added, I started adding 4mm white glass pearl beads to the band.

    making a tiara

    Here is the completed tiara, I think I did a good job on my first attempt in making a tiara. I'm looking forward to making the next one, not sure of the style or colour theme, but I'm working on it.

    making a tiara

    This tiara will be added to the wedding and bridal section of my shop in March, together with the new bridal combs, that I have already made. If you would like to see the other bridal items and my handmade jewellery and accessories on my website, click the link above.

    I'm off to do some sketches, bye for now.



  3. Happy New Year!

    A belated Happy New Year to you all, we are over half way through the month already, the years have just been flying by, far to quickly for my liking. It's a new year, which means lots of new ideas for the coming months. This year, I want to develop and expand the ranges of items in bridal jewellery, to include bridesmaid jewellery sets in exciting colours and designs, that reflect the changing tastes of brides, who want to express their individual colour choices and style. 

     I'll  just share with you all, a couple of the new bridal combs that I have already made. I've said in the past, how much I love pearls and crystals, both of which are my favorite beads to work with, when making my jewellery pieces.

     Pear and Crystal Bridal comb

    1. This comb has white pearls and round crystal beads.

    Ivory Pearl Bridal Comb 
    2. Made with Ivory pearl beads, in 2 sizes.
    Pink Pearls and Crystal Bridal Comb 
    3. This is a pink pearls and crystal  beads spray bridal comb.

    Learning to make these bridal combs has been an enjoyable experience, I will be making some more combs, to add the collection. I've already started to make a tiara, I will be showing it on my blog, when it is completed.

    The combs and tiaras will be added to my shop, in the spring.

    If your getting married and still trying to decide what style or design of bridal jewellery to choose from, visit the bridal section of my shop, all my jewellery is handmade and can be personalised, in your chosen colours or in a particular design.

    More new jewellery pieces will be add to my shop very soon.