March Meet The Maker Challenge 2018 - Week 2

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We are now in week 2 of the #marchmeetthemaker challenge and I have to say   I am really enjoying it, it is made me more conscious of what I am doing in my business and more aware how others will see and view my business from the otherside. I think being under the spotlight makes you vulnerable, slightly paranoid and bemused at the same time.

Week 2


Day 8 - Flatlays

I love taking pictures and a flatlay picture, is one of my favourite ones to take. If you look at my timeline, you will see the majority of my photos are flatlay photos. I just enjoy arranging the objects in the photo, just the way I want them to look. In the picture are my jewellery tools, that I use on a daily basis. I have had them for years and they are still going strong.


Day 9 - How it’s made?

I have laid out all the supplies that I would need to make 2 flower girl bracelets. I refer to the order sheet and check if there was any customisations that the customer required. Then I make the bracelets, using pearls and findings, findings are the little metal components used to hold together the bracelet, without these you would not be able to make them.

I lay everything l need onto a bead mat, placed in a tray and that way none of the beads roll away and everything is in one place and I can pick the whole tray up and move it, if l need to do so.




Day 10 - Time to Relax

This is something I do find hard to do. I find it hard to just relax, I always feel that I should be doing something, I actually feel guilty about relaxing, how daft is that! I always feel I should be learning more, by reading, listening to podcasts or watching inspirational YouTube videos. I do love reading, I have moved away from fictional books to business and self development books.

My problem is I don’t know how to switch off, help, lol. There is one thing I have added to my weekly routine is having a ‘spa like’ bubble bath on Sunday nights, with lots of candles and a glass of wine and I do look forward to them, but that is really it.



Day 11 - Branding

When I started my business in 2011, I learnt how important branding was to a business and how I needed to be recognisable everywhere. So I knew I needed a logo and I chose the colours black and purple as my branding colours, as these were my favourite colours.

I also love butterflies, I think they are beautiful, so I knew I wanted to combine both of them. I found a logo designer who made my logo and I it suits my business and personality perfectly. I hand stamp the tissue paper I use to wrap my jewellery and accessories.


Day 12 - Postage and Packaging

When a customer places an order in one of my shops, their order will be sent to them gift wrapped, using my hand stamped tissue paper and placed in a box or organza bag. I use branded labels for my packaging. I also make my own thank you cards, I have a butterfly hole puncher, that I use to decorate the cards. I also use satin ribbons to tie up my gift boxes. My post office is a 10 min walk from my home and they all know me in there. I go to the post mainly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. But if I get and urgent order, I will make and post it that same day.



Day 13 - Work Clothes

I don’t have a particular set of clothes that I wear while I am working, as long as I am comfortable and warm, I’m good to go. I’m always cold so I usually wear a hoodie, joggers or jeans and thick socks. I love wearing scarves, the print on this one is really pretty and it keeps my neck warm.



DAY 14 - Dreams and Plans

I do goal plan every year, but I admit don't always achieve them. This year I have made a point of having my goals in front of me and this is my goal book and I keep it on my desk, as a reminder. I do dream about where I want to be in the future, I would love to have my jewellery sold in stores and also have a work studio outside my home, as I get easily distracted and I have to my phone on Airplane mode when I am working.

I would also like to learn Silversmithing and other jewellery making techniques. I want to learn photography, hopefully in the next couple of years As a creative, you become interested in all things creative and I want to learn how to make so many things, but that is not possible. So I will keep adding to my goal notebook and start writing out some long term dreams and plans.



Well that's it for week 2, I think I have surprised myself by sticking to it, maybe I can be consistent after all.

Are there any podcasts or books that you would like to recommend, I'm always on the lookout for them, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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Bye for now.

Michelle x

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