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  1. It is wedding season is, but when you think about it, it’s always wedding season, 365 days of the year, somewhere around the world, someone is getting married.

    Apart from choosing the wedding date, couples need to think about the type of wedding that they want and once they know, everything will become easier and the wedding planning hopefully become more fun and less like hard work.

    One way to do this is to pick a wedding theme, wedding themes can range from a Beauty and the Beast to Boho style wedding. 

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    The Ultimate  Guide on How to Buy a Wedding Gift

    I love weddings, who doesn't, I was invited to a wedding this summer and as soon as I saw the invite I was already planning my outfit, the clothes, the shoes and the bag, e.t.c.  

    However, deciding what to give as a gift for a wedding can be difficult, if you have not been to many weddings, they is a wedding etiquette for guests, when it comes to buy a wedding gift.

    Traditionally couples left it to their wedding guests to decide what to buy for the engaged couple,