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  1. Bridal Wedding Colours 2013 - The Colour Purple

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    I like making bridal jewellery, I think it's because I like pearls and pearls are one of the popular choices for brides, when choosing their bridal jewellery.

    The days when brides only chose white, ivory or pink for their bridal colours, have well and truly gone. This year the most popular bridal colours are purple, int green, gold, silver, red and navy blue.

    My favourite colour is the colour purple, so I thought I'd show you the purple coloured wedding items in my shop.

    Here is a purple bridal set, consisting of a bracelet and earrings, made using purple glass pearl beads and rhinestone beads.

    purple rhinestone bridal set

    Another design, this time, this time I used a ivory pearls, to compliment the purple pearl and gold plated ear wires.


    Georgia front page earrings

    For the necklace, I've added a gold plated chain.


    geogia front page necklace

    This is the bridal comb I made last week.


    purple bridal comb

    These wedding pieces don't have to be just worn for a wedding. I think with jewellery, there are no rules, I've worn pearls with a pair of jeans, you can mix and match, do what you want to do, find your own style.

    If your still looking for ideas about your what colours to choose for your wedding jewellery, do have a look in the bridal section of my website, where I have used traditional colours and the colours that feature in this years, bridal colour trends 2013.


  2. Bridal Hair Combs

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    Happy New Year!

    A belated Happy New Year to you all, we are over half way through the month already, the years have just been flying by, far to quickly for my liking. It's a new year, which means lots of new ideas for the coming months. This year, I want to develop and expand the ranges of items in bridal jewellery, to include bridesmaid jewellery sets in exciting colours and designs, that reflect the changing tastes of brides, who want to express their individual colour choices and style. 

     I'll  just share with you all, a couple of the new bridal combs that I have already made. I've said in the past, how much I love pearls and crystals, both of which are my favorite beads to work with, when making my jewellery pieces.

     Pear and Crystal Bridal comb

    1. This comb has white pearls and round crystal beads.

    Ivory Pearl Bridal Comb 
    2. Made with Ivory pearl beads, in 2 sizes.
    Pink Pearls and Crystal Bridal Comb 
    3. This is a pink pearls and crystal  beads spray bridal comb.

    Learning to make these bridal combs has been an enjoyable experience, I will be making some more combs, to add the collection. I've already started to make a tiara, I will be showing it on my blog, when it is completed.

    The combs and tiaras will be added to my shop, in the spring.

    If your getting married and still trying to decide what style or design of bridal jewellery to choose from, visit the bridal section of my shop, all my jewellery is handmade and can be personalised, in your chosen colours or in a particular design.

    More new jewellery pieces will be add to my shop very soon.